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For further questions and expert advice, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is here to assist you.

Does the product come in different colors?

At present, our product comes in white and is non-transparent. While the white color is due to functional purposes ,we are continually researching other new color options to enable customization in the near  future. 

Does the product emit any harmful gases, chemicals, or substances?



Our cooling technology utilizes purely physical processes, without any involvement of chemical reactions or emissions of harmful substances. Our product reflects up to 99% of sunlight, and the emitted light from the material in not harmful.

What is the product's cooling potential?



Our product has a cooling power of 70 W/m2 and up to 170 W/m2, depending on the weather conditions. It best performs during summertime when the skies are clear.

Will the product also have a cooling effect during winter?


Cooling efficiency is negligible in wintertime compared to summertime due to seasonal variation in solar energy and surrounding temperature. In the summer the sun is higher in the sky and the days are longer in summer.

How the product applied?


Our product is a versatile film with adhesive that can be easily applied to various surfaces, with minimal installation effort and time. No connectivity or wiring is needed, it is simply attached as a sticker.

Does the product require special maintenance?


Our product is a passive cooling solution that uses the environment to regulate temperature, eliminating the need for electricity or special maintenance. Upkeep is simple and easy, only requiring the cleaning of the product’s surface with water and a clean cloth once or twice a year for optimal performance.

How much does the product  cost?


We deliver our technology B2B. By thoroughly understanding our clients requirements, we are able to offer custom-made solutions that are specifically designed to meet their unique needs. If you are interested in learning more about how we can assist your business, please do not hesitate and contact us.

Do you purchase your raw materials from trusted suppliers?



Our company is committed being aligned with the UN's sustainable development goals. This  means we make a concerted effort to source raw materials from suppliers who share this same commitment

What materials do you use?


Our product is made of non toxic redundant organic polymers engineered for maximum cooling efficiency. No rare- earth metals are used in production.

What cooling mechanisms do you use?


Our technology is based on two physical phenomena:  radiative cooling and anti-Stokes fluorescence. Radiative cooling is a process  where a surface or object loses heat by emitting thermal radiation. The surface or object must be hotter than its surroundings for radiative cooling to occur. Anti-Stokes fluorescence is a unique phenomenon that occurs when a molecule absorbs a photon of lower energy (higher wavelength) and subsequently emits a photon of higher energy (shorter wavelength). The energy required for this process is sourced from the surrounding environment. The warmer the ambient temperature, the more efficient the process becomes.

Do you plan on developing a paint variation of your product?



Currently, the Glacier 110 comes as a film. 

Our R&D team is developing the ability to deliver our solution in liquid form in the near future.

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