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The Israel Prison Service

Industry: Automotive

Use case: Buses

Result: Passengers area Up to 11 ˚C lower than uncoated vehicle 

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German motor vehicle manufacturer 

Industry: Automotive

Use case: private car

Result: Up to 11 ˚C lower than uncoated vehicle


South Korean automotive manufacturer

Industry: Automotive

Use case: Private car

Result: soon

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IEC -Israel Electric Company

largest supplier of electrical power in Israel

Industry: Facilities

Use case: Containers

Result: Soon



Asia's largest diversified real estate groups

Industry: Facilities

Use case: Rooftop of facility

Result: Soon

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Tel-Aviv Municipality

The most populous city in the Gush Dan

Industry: Electronics and telecommunications

Use case: Public transport comm boxes

Results: Soon

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World's largest brewer

Industry: Automotive

Use case: Electric Trucks

Result: Up to 7 ˚C lower interior than uncoated vehicle 

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Demo Center - Singapore

One of the top cities in the Green City Index

Industry: recreation and batteries 

Use case: cooling batteries and playground facilities

Result: soon


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Global leader in LiDAR technology

Industry: Defense

Use case: comm boxes

Results: 12 ˚C lower compared to white colored box

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World’s top man. of seamless intimates and activewear

Industry: Textile

Use case: sport shirts

Result: coated shirt areas 12 ˚C cooler
Tests by runners will be performed in the spring

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International defense electronics 

Industry: Defense

Use case: Camera

Result: about 4 ˚C on internal hot electronic component


SEA Forest

Energy Storage Systems

Industry: Electronics and telecommunications

Use case: Battery pack

Result: Soon

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Israel defense forces

Industry: Defense

Use case: Tents

Results: On average, inside cooler by 10C, compared to uncoated tent

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Radar company, develops advanced defense and intelligence electronics

Industry: Defense

Use case: Comm boxes with internal heat

Results: 8 ˚C degrees colder than the reference box with the same heating source outdoors. 


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