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Our Cool Story

Founded in 2016, SolCold is a world leader in outdoor cooling coatings research and development. We aim to provide environmentally friendly, solar-powered cooling solutions. We aspire to constantly optimize our technology, eventually replacing conventional electricitally-powered cooling solutions. We envision a day, not too far away, where sustainable cities and various industries adopt our coatings as a standard, reducing the dependence on electricity for outdoor cooling.


Stay Cool Under the Sun

The sun is our planet's source of heat. 

Given the pressing issue of global warming, where the sun’s heat cannot be effectively dissipated by our planet, it is important to consider the possibility that the sun can also be part of the solution. Our mission is to simplify and revolutionize the approach to natural, sun-driven cooling using advanced coatings, materials, and solutions.


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Our Journey So Far

2nd century B.C.

Romans use transparent glass as a heat trap for warmth


Yaron's Initial idea of using the sun to cool as an Electronics engineering student at Tel Aviv University 


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Yaron 2nd (2).jpg
Yaron 1st.jpg

CEO & CO-Founder

Yaron Shenhav

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Yaron 1st.jpg
Philippe 2-2_edited_edited_edited_edited
Philippe 1-2_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Philippe 2-2_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Chief Business Officer

Philippe Roitman

Svetlana 2nd.jpg
Svetlana 1st.jpg

Biz Dev  Manager

Kristina 2nd-2.jpg
Kristina 1st_edited.jpg

PM & PR manager

Kristina Trahtman

Svetlana Bukov

Evgenii 2nd.jpg
Evgenii 1st.jpg

R&D Chemist

Evgenii Tcynbal

Idan 1.jpg
Idan 2.jpg

Production Technician

Idan Yerushalmi

Maayan 2nd-2-2.jpg
Maayan 1st-2.jpg

Thermo Eng.

Maayan Fox

Roni 2nd.jpg
Roni 1st_edited.jpg

Production Technician/ Data Analyst

Ronald Oguz

Tzvi 2nd.jpg
Tzvi 1st-2_edited.jpg


Tzvi Templeman

Nitzan 2nd.jpg
Nitzan 1st.jpg

Physics consultant

Nitzan Maman

Lin 2nd.jpg
Lin 1st.jpg

Materials Eng. Researcher

Lin Lemesh

Sarah 2nd.jpg
Sarah 1st.jpg

Production Technician/ QC 

Sara Mekonent

Noam 2nd.jpg
Noam 1st.jpg

Lead Chemist 

Noam Ralbag

Michael 2nd.jpg
Michael 1st.jpg

Chemistry Researcher

Michael Nazarenko

Yoav 1.jpg
Yoav 2.jpg

Production Manager

Yoav Natanya

Yarden 2nd.jpg
Yarden 1st.jpg

Production Technician

Yardan Zak

Yonati 1.jpg
Yonati 2.jpg

Office Operations Manager

Yonati Hod-Willner

Yenon 1.jpg
Yenon 2.jpg

Business Development Manager

Yinon Kadis

Gilat 1.jpg
Gilat 2.jpg

Chemistry  Expert Consultant

Gilat Nizri

Eitay 1.jpg
Eitay 2.jpg

Chemistry Assistant

Itay Weiss

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